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About Lomi Lomi:

lomiLomilomi is an ancient Hawaiian healing art practiced for hundreds of years by master practitioners (kahuna) and elders (kupuna). These Hawaiians were revered bearers of the light of knowledge that surrounded this spiritual work, and passed down this sacred gift from generation to generation. Components of this healing practice include pule (prayer), cleansing with salt (alae), forms of hydro-therapy using steam, psychological cleansing and counseling (ho'oponopono), breath (ha), massage and bodywork, and movement of energy potential life force (mana). All of these combined with the loving intention (Aloha) of the practitioner create a healing experience that knows no boundaries.

lomi2Rhythmic dance-like movements of the therapist's hands and forearms are used to break-up fibrous deposits and lactic acid, improve circulation of blood and lymph, eliminate toxins and edema, alleviate muscle spasm, and increase metabolism. The therapist utilizes techniques such as compression, vibration, acupressure, deep-tissue work, range of motion of all joints, interactive resistance, and visceral (stomach) massage to achieve complete alignment of the body. A level of spirit is awakened through this work that penetrates deeply into a realm of ancient wisdom that truly inspires healing.

A very special technique that is a more recent healing expression of lomilomi is four-hand lomi. This unique experience involves two massage therapists simultaneously nurturing your body with the traditional flowing lomi strokes, facilitating a sense of complete surrender within.

iliLomi 'Ili'ili (Hawaiian Hot Stone Therapy) Treatment is a unique style of hot stone massage. The Hawaiian word 'Ili'ili literally means "flat pebble in motion". The word pebble rather than stone describes a treatment that is warm, gentle and flowing. These heated stones will incorporate the same fluid, dance-like strokes that embody our regular lomi session, yet adding the soothing touch of mother earth caressing your skin. Just as these stones have been smoothed down from their raw lava rock state in Maui's river deltas, so will any muscle tension held within the body be soothed away. This treatment is both relaxing and specific to your therapeutic needs. Allow your body to relax into this wonderful massage as the warm stone becomes an extension of your therapists healing hands.



  Lomi Massage is a Hawaiian owned and operated retreat center, located on the slopes of Mt. Haleakala in Maui, Hawai'i. We offer day spa services, Hawaiian spa products, Lomi Lomi training, and immersion courses for massage therapy.  
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